How Does Bail Bonds Work?

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question markHow Does Bail Work?

A bail bond acts as an insurance
policy that the defendant will
keep all court dates
and all provisions of bail.

phoneWhat You Will Need To Know

Full Name
Booking Number
Has Bail Been Set?
What Are The Charges?
Where They Are Being Held?

How Can I Post Bail?

cash handCash Bail

When you use cash to pay the bail
you will need to pay the full amount of the bail.
When the defendant has appeared for all
required court dates, the full amount will
be returned, less any fees.

question markSurety Bond From Bondsman

We offer the minimum amount down
payment of 35% percent as set by
Connecticut state lawYou pay
10% to bail bondsman and
they cover the rest of the bond.
The 10% you pay is non-refundable,
even if the the
person goes to all of the court dates.

question markCollateral

You will Need to come
up with collateral
to cover the
remainder of the bail,
incase the person does not
appear for thier court date(s).
This will be returned
when all court dates are
done - if not property
goes to the bail bondsman.

question markOwn Recongnizance

On your own, but
not available to everyone. This is the
easiest way
to get let out of jail,
but if you have any
history of missing court dates,
or fleeing, it is
unlikely this will
option be available for you.

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